Acorns – How to Earn in the APP!

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Quick and easy ways to save and invest with Acorns. Nothing out of pocket!

3 Simple Ways!

Earn: Paying Bills or Shopping!
Earn: with Top Up!
Earn: Referring Friends!


You can earn money simply by paying your monthly bills! Phone bills, grocery shopping and more. (Example stores like Walmart, Advance Auto, Chewy, Cricket, T-Mobile, InstaCart, Macys, getting gas and so many more!)

You will earn a percent or a fixed dollar amount based on which company you use and the current promotion. Currently I receive 2 dollars a month that go into a stock of my choice each time I pay my phone bill.

Chewy the animal food/toy company is currently 3.5 percent cash back into your investment account! If you have a normal monthly order for animal food this just helps you earn for the future! (or cash out, you do not have to invest)

When you spend with a linked debit or credit card Acorns will round up each transaction to the nearest whole dollar. That spare change gets added to your Acorns Invest account. You may not even notice the 20 cents here or 50 cents there but at the end of the month it adds up to be quite a bit! For larger purchases this is a great way to save without noticing!

Acorns is currently running a promo, invite 3 new users to Acorns and receive 600 USD!

Friend must register and invest. Your friend must use your referral link or code to sign up for Acorns for the first time and successfully make their first investment of $5 or more, which needs to be settled within 14 days after the promotional period ends (Investments can take up to 5 business days to settle).

Acorns deposits your referral reward into your Invest account within 30 days once we verify all eligibility requirements have been met. Both you and your friends’ accounts must be in good standing when the bonus is invested.

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