Odysee – Open source video sharing site similar to Youtube


What is Odysee?

Odysee is a decentralized video sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to allow users to upload and view content without the need for a centralized authority. It is built on top of the LBRY protocol, which enables creators to monetize their content through tips and micropayments in a cryptocurrency called LBC (LBRY Credits).

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How to Earn on ODYSEE?

Watch videos: You can watch a wide variety of videos on Odysee, including vlogs, music videos, educational content, and more.
Upload videos: You can upload your own videos to Odysee and share them with the world. Since Odysee is decentralized, your content will be stored on multiple nodes, making it more resistant to censorship and data loss.
Interact with content creators: You can leave comments and likes on videos, as well as follow your favorite content creators to keep up with their latest uploads.


Earn cryptocurrency: Odysee uses a cryptocurrency called LBC (LBRY Credits), which you can earn by watching, sharing, and creating content. You can then use LBC to support your favorite creators or trade it on a cryptocurrency exchange.
Explore communities: Odysee has a feature called “Communities,” which are groups of users who share common interests. You can join communities to discover new content and connect with like-minded users.

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