GetZen – Get free ZEN through this faucet!


Daily faucet claim!

Top Features

Weekly Bonus: Claim 5 days in a row to get a spin on the weekly bonus! (extra crypto)

Daily Faucet Claim: Claim free ZEN daily, no ads or intrusive popups! Straight to your wallet!

Hold Bonus: Hold your ZEN on site for a bonus of up to 3x daily faucet claim!

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What is GetZEN?

GetZen Crypto Faucet is a website that rewards its users with free Zen cryptocurrency for completing simple tasks such as watching ads, solving captchas, and completing surveys. Easy to sign up, get free crypto daily! There is a weekly bonus awarded every 5 days claimed in a row.

You can earn extra ZEN per claim by linking social media accounts (up to 1.9x extra per claim) verifying your ZEN wallet (1.5x extra per claim) or Holding ZEN on site (up to 3x per claim) for a total of 6.4 times the original claim amount!

What is GetZEN?

GetZEN is a crypto faucet, a website or application that dispenses small amounts of cryptocurrency to its users as a reward for completing tasks or as a promotional offer.

The purpose of a crypto faucet is to introduce people to a particular cryptocurrency, increase its adoption and usage, and provide a way for people to get started with owning and using digital currencies without having to invest any money upfront.

GetZEN has been around for years and plans to continue to be around. They offer occasional events or extra prizes featured on their front page.

Why Gather HORIZEN?

The GetZen crypto faucet is specifically designed to distribute HORIZON cryptocurrency and is one of many crypto faucets available on the internet.
Takes just seconds a day and you never know what it may be worth in the future!

When I started collecting bitcoin it was common to get 5000 satoshi a faucet claim! Now the average is closer to 1 to 10 satoshi. Value rises and you never know which coin is going to be the one!

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