ThetaTV – Watch live streams and earn TFuel!


Earn watching streams!

Top Features

Easy to Earn!: As easy as opening your favorite streamer and letting their video stream!
Store in Site: Easy to shop for your favorite streamer logo gear and many other options.
Daily Reward: Login daily to claim your rewards! From actual coin to emojies to tokens!

ThetaTV Logo

What is ThetaTV? is a decentralized streaming platform that allows users to watch and stream live video content, including gaming, esports, music, and more. It was launched in 2018 by Theta Labs, Inc., a blockchain technology company based in California.

How does it work? operates on the Theta Network, which is a decentralized video delivery network powered by blockchain technology. Each user of their service is contributing a small portion of their internet to other users nearby, this is how the streaming portion of the network earns you money!

The network is designed to improve video streaming quality, reduce latency, and enable higher bandwidth, allowing for a more seamless viewing experience. This is done by having nearby users share the same data you are using.

There are daily rewards, contests and prizes from the streamers as well as random drops. There is always something going on or to do!

What is Theta Token?

Theta Token (THETA) is the native cryptocurrency of the Theta Network, which is the blockchain-based infrastructure that powers

Theta Token is used to incentivize network participants to contribute resources to the network. You do this simply by watching streams!

You can use the earned token to buy items from the store, tip other users, withdraw to your account and more!

There are daily rewards to claim, events you can participate in and raffles that streamers host.

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